About Me

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been providing direct social services for 20 years and therapy to folks since 2008. I have a solo private practice in Portland, Oregon working with individuals, couples, families and groups.


I am a compassionate, non-judgmental therapist who works from an anti-oppression framework and am committed to the practice of anti-racism. I work with you to make therapy accessible and as welcoming as possible. In my experience, it’s natural for many people to worry about finding the right therapist for them or their situation and sometimes it’s a struggle to know how to start working in therapy once they do find the right fit. I will work with you to build a good therapeutic relationship, to identify goals and move forward together. You don’t have to know “how” to do therapy before coming in to see me. If for some reason we are not the right fit, I will work to offer you referrals to help you find the right therapist for you.


I love to work with people ages 18 and up on various issues such as anxiety, depression, and relationship struggles. I also specialize in identity issues regarding sexuality and gender. Often, anxiety and depression are related to identity struggles, especially when our personal concept of self clashes with that of dominant society or the people surrounding us. These struggles may occur or reoccur anytime in life, but often present in early adulthood. I also specialize in working with relationships, sexuality and intimacy concerns which may include alternative lifestyles and relationship configurations of many types. In all of my work, I seek to honor diversity and acceptance for all with an anti-oppression approach.


Areas of Practice:
Depression Alternative Sexuality and Relationship Issues
Anxiety Trauma and Complex Trauma
Anger Obsessive/Compulsive behaviors
Grief Sexuality and Intimacy concerns
Shame High-Risk Youth behaviors and concerns
Family Dynamics Sexual Assault Trauma
EMDR Self Harm/Cutting
Identity development Sexual Orientation/Expression
Gender and Transgender Issues
Sizism/Body Image Destructive behaviors or patterns


Therapeutic approach and modalities/interventions:
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Family Systems Theory
Irvin Yalom – Use of Self Gottman Relationship Theory
Motivational Interviewing Feminist Theory
Anti-Oppression Theory Narrative Therapy
Solution-Focused Therapy Harm Reduction
Client Centered Strength-Based
Psycho-education Crisis Intervention


Undergraduate Degree – Women’s Studies 2005
Graduate Certificate – Nonprofit Management 2008
Graduate Certificate – Nonprofit Development 2008
Graduate Degree in Clinical Social Work in 2009.

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